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Himsworth Award

During its annual meeting in Oslo in 2010, the DNSG decided to create an award to recognize important and long-standing contributions in the field of nutrition therapy of diabetes mellitus. This award was to be named after Harold Percival Himsworth who, in the first half of the 20th century, suggested that carbohydrate intake may be beneficial to the treatment of type 2 diabetes and that a low-carb pattern with high fat content may be unfavourable. He also introduced epidemiological thinking into nutrition research in diabetes mellitus.

The 30th anniversary of the DNSG was chosen to hold the first Himsworth Award ceremony. The board of the DNSG selected Professor Jim Mann as the first recipient of this award. This is to recognize his long-standing and important contributions to nutrition research on an international level. The DNSG also recognizes Professor Mann’s essential and ground-building contributions to the DNSG itself.

In many ways, the scientific work of Professor Mann is related to that of Harold Himsworth as he too focuses on the role of carbohydrates and fats in diabetes nutrition. The award itself, a wood sculpture made of walnut, taken from a tree in Potsdam with a base of Russian aspen, felled 200 kilometres east of Moscow, symbolizes a grain entwined in a floral motif. The figure symbolizes the importance of natural components in food and the relationship of plants and nutrition.

(Updated on: 27/02/2013)

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